Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So what did you do this weekend

I hiked. I picked off ticks..lots and lots of ticks. I love my pups dearly but boy was it a lot of work and i do put stuff on them to prevent it.. It just doesn't work when they are that bombarded. It was a nice hike out in Farmington and Simon was as happy as a pig in mud.

Sunday was the regular knitting and I think I got to see my first crazed bride... She had a little glare in the her eyes...

Monday we grilled and I think I might just not like tilapia.. I wanted it more flavorful and more crispy.. Perhaps grilling in tin foil versus in stove is the problem.

I also started painting my woodwork in my house. I took a long break in the home repair but finally have gotten started again. It need to be done at some point and I'm probably going to live in the house forever so I'd like to stop looking at stuff thinking how it needs to be fixed. Who wants to come get rid of all my damn stumps out back. Anyone, Anyone? Bueller?

]I also did some light reading. Included in my reading was a great suprise I got in the mail from Daiva... hannukah and goblins.. woohoo! It was a cute story and good illustration. I was entertained by the "trickery" done the goblins.. they were tricked each night but after the 3rd the author just said that Hershel tricked the goblins the next few nights. (No explanation cause she probably couldn't figure them out). Thanks Daiva, it was fun to read and I'm happy to add it to my Jewish reading collection.
I also started Mr Norrell and Jonathan Strange... So far its not bad but I don't like storybooks that require footnotes and this book is heavy enough to give me a hernia...It reads like the HP books, that is, its children-like but not dumbed down. Have you read the series of unfortunately events... lets just say i think it was all unfortunate. So that's my weekend. I could use like 10 more days of it....


Blogger nicole said...

The glare will remain in my eyes until I have a cicada-free outdoor wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Jenn said...

Do you have "All of a Kind Family"?

12:22 PM  

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