Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been tagged

Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. I’ve been tagged by Kathy. Except I'm not going to tag anyone. So here ya go, info about moi...

1. I hate the telephone.. I’ve tried very hard to get past this since I don’t live near a lot of my family and friends. Kinda funny since I answer the phone at work. I can answer the phone fine but cold calling I’m the pits at.

2. I love Diet Barq’s rootbeer. An old scrapper friend and I use to drink it by the case. Considering we spent 1-2 Saturdays together a month for a few years scrapping and playing with dogs while she puppy sat, I drank a lot of rootbeer…a lot…now if I drink one soda in a day my hands become all pruney. I can’t seem to keep myself hydrated.

3. I’m way too into animals. I get upset when friend’s animals pets die…towards an end of a friendship with a college chum I knew things weren’t right when I found out off hand that Fred, the golden retriever had died two months after it happened. I had spent a lot of time with him and we talked about him all the time. Yesterday Boo’s aunt told me her dog died two weeks ago at a pretty young age of cancer.. I cried at work. I also just had to rewrite this paragraph cause the yarn dork in me kept writing dye…

4. I have a small allergy to some fresh foods. My throat gets a little swollen. Its not often or specific enough that I abstain from eating anything.

5. I currently contain 5 lbs of snot.. okay maybe not that much but the last week or so my allergies have been all a flutter.

6. I seem to have no particular set clothing style. Not bad, just not set style. Through the years if not the months or days its varies. I do girly girl, artsy chick, plain jane, baggy pants wannabe, etc. Sometimes I think some people would only see me in one of these styles but I probably just present different looks to different people when I know I’m seeing people in particular. At Sunday Knits I’m plain jane, its Sunday ya know? I dress plainer, cleaner if I’m seeing Duane, I’m more girly girl for Eric’s family, and artsy chick for my family. Kara on the other hand gets to see me with mismatched clothes with rain galoshes and bra straps showing… living with me is nothing but interesting.

7. I apparently talk poorly. I slur my words or something or talk too fast because no one understands me… Interesting since I can’t understand my dad cause he appears to slur words too. Neither of us drink much…


Anonymous Jenn said...

Thank you for being the first to not tag anyone else. I've been holding off because I hate that part.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Roni JJ said...

Hmmmm that's wild, I think you talk fine, I understand you. I think it's just everybody else.

I think I knew the rest except for the 5lbs. of snot thing...didn't really need to know that ~ it does paint quite the picture of you right now though - LOL!!

5:23 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

Good for you for putting it out there on the line...hmmm..I do believe someone tagged me to do this last week...I haven't done it yet. I sorta talk about my weirdness on a daily basis.


9:46 PM  

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