Tuesday, February 06, 2007

That time I couldn't concentrate

So i have bumps on my eyelids from my contacts. Its a normal thing, just annoying. Sometimes I should let me eyes rest and them lessen. Since my allergies have increased I don't wear my glasses as much because it puts pressure on my sinuses. So i wear the contacts more, the bumps don't get to heal much and my contacts are basically bandaids. So at night before bed I take off the bandaids and its annoying. I should probably let them air out more. The point of this. Nothing. Just thinking, venting. My eyes are annoying me.
I was crazy busy at work today, i stayed late and skipped lunch. I have a small attention span right now but am trying to chill out before bed. My mind is all jittery like its got too much too do much like my work day after 10 or 11 this morning. Seriously it started of so innocent, I had chores to do, was even thinking of doing some touch up painting of the walls in the office. Then poof, insanity. I've also got Lily Allen's LDN stuck in my head. She was on SNL this week which is how i discovered her. If you google her though, she looks like a 16 year old thuggette... So that is all, bumpy lids, crazy work, thuggette.


Anonymous Duane said...

A bumpy heebe jeebe

12:54 AM  

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