Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the morning crap

Back when I was in college pre med days... and not premed like the rest of wash u. I was a nutter in the morning. I'd wake up nauseus and my mind was all off. Lord help my x boyfriend having to deal with that. I feel bad for what he had to go through but then I realize he had his own problems too.
I also yawn alot when I'm having a break down. I'm not hyper ventilating but I can't seem to get enough oxygen.
Its funny because you can see the two sides of mindy right now. This is the sane one looking at the nutty one... I type sane, i feel nutty. I feel like my blood is not making it to my limbs and i feel like my body has no strength to stand. I had two brown outs yesterday which i never have in STL but suffered for years in PA. At least its better than actually passing out...
Anyway I suppose I should work. I feel like shit right now. I had a good moment or two yesterday while I talked on the phone with duane. Eric called me later but he was so tired from a 13 hour studio day that he couldn't really talk to me and I just felt worse sorta.


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