Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cletus 5 is in the oven but I bet there are more than 4 cleti (thats plural) jr. in this world.

So I've never been a hardcore Saturday night live watcher. I started getting into it when Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon did the weekend report. I'm sorry I know most people hate him because he can't actually do the stuff he's meant to do and just laughs light a girl while cowbells go off but thats what i liked about him. I liked their combo the best out of all the past combos.
This weekend Tina Fey said the most brilliant line ever and I still can't stop laughing/giggling.... Cause ya know Britney's preggo again... We all are shocked right, its wrong in our minds, right? I mean she should take some time off between her good parenting skills and to play with the pet sharks.
Oh wait, Tina's right....
"taking a year off isn't going to make that kid come out any classier"


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