Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Punisher

Not starring Thomas Jane.. but me.. the evil dog mom. Simon and Riley have been running off the property. I never leave them unattended but that doesn't mean something doesn't grab their attention. I really need to work on training them now that we have a new home. We have an underground fence but I don't really want to spend the 500 bucks to get the collars to zap them. I also don't want to zap them.
One route I'm doing is more walks. Simon is doing so well since his injury. He's gotten over his unfortunate incarceration in random parts of our house and has full home freedom much to his pleasure. At random points in the house you can hear elephants as they roughhouse, each of them with their 20 lbs of pure manliness. Outside they don't seem to play but instead explore and get in trouble... We'll I'll show them, I'll take that excessive dog energy and show you where to put it. Its walking time bitches. Riley loathes walks, Simon is game and burns much of his energy just getting his leash on. He leads for the beginning of the walk but after the first block, Riley is in the lead even with his random twirls every ten feet. Simon is my 100 meter boy, Riley is my cross country boy. Slow and steady versus fast and finished early. Unfortunately Riley is on a leash like Phoebe is to running. I'm pretty sure he's trying to kill me and trip everyone.
I also am carrying treats with me more so that there is a reward to their listening which they have no been doing so well. My love is not equal to chasing a bunny.. I rank much lower apparently. Somehow, while I think I'm punishing them with walks and recalls that are rewarded with treats, I'm not so sure they are seeing the down side.


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Two words: Dog Park.

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