Tuesday, July 20, 2010

15 days

2 days Thanksgiving, sometimes we do 3 since the travel can be excessive to get out there (there being Vermont).
2 days Rosh Hashanah
1 day Yom Kippur
At least 2-3 for passover
that is 7-8 days of my 15 days for vacation and sickness
5 days for a trip of fun which I haven't done without family in a long time except the honeymoon. In fact the honeymoon is the only extended trip we have done in our 11 years together without family involved on some end of the trip's location and I don't know if you know this but weddings tend to precede honeymoons and then its family family family....
thats 12-13 days of my vacation, this year my vacation time went to being with my family and supporting my mother during our loss of buby. Apparently me using my time for this doesn't click with everyone. Yes it was my choice but to a good child its not a choice, its what you should do.
Anywho 3 days left, 3 that might go towards jewish holidays, 3 days that might go to being sick because OMG I'm not impenetrable. 3 days for doctor appts. 3 days for house items, 3 days to maybe take off for things like news years eve or attached to a holiday so i don't come to the office for one day when new years or xmas is on a thursday or a tuesday.
That five days I mentioned earlier... I'd like to spend it with my Boo. I'd like to spend it with friends. I may not even get a 5 day plus weekends trip. It may be tagged onto a weekend here or there. We did get to take a 3 day weekend this year and visit a lake house which was awesome except for my poison ivy.
I feel like a spoiled bitch but if "you" want to spend time with me. Try coming in for some holidays where we are all already together with other family. Every year, thanksgiving, we'll be in VT, this is common knowledge. Every year I'll spend Passover with my mom.. so if either halves of our families want to see us, thats when it is. If i ever do passover out here in MO I will not see my dad that year... he won't come for that reason. These family trips are not my idea of fun and I'm just coming out as the spoiled bitch here and I know it. Maybe they are trying to squeeze these trips in before we have a midget or two tagging along, i don't know.. but I have the view that before midgets I'd like to explore with my friends. I'd like to go to Seatle, Old Quebec, the jersey shore and soak in the sun. I'd like Boo's friends to visit us from NY in NJ, I'd like my hounds to be with me. I'm very me centered at the moment, got a problem with it?... me don't care :P


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