Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Total drama island

We dropped the ball waiting on brother to decide his plans for thanksgiving. He does not want us to use his room where the bunk beds are next to each other and we still can't really share a bed. We are on the shit end of the stick for wanting to hotel it instead of air mattress it.. Meanwhile every time i go home brother stays and sleeps in the basement so its him just wanting no one in his room, hell Mr. 28 grow the f up, I'm not going to play with your star wars figures. There has been no offer of using parents car either so I guess thats our problem (even though they always borrow mine when they visit and usually leave me stranded somewhere.) Grrr. Thanks husband for volunteering us to go to PA for thanksgiving. He's a good guy but I'd lie to my family's face over and over and say Thanksgiving is for VT, Passover is for PA. I'm evil that way but i think we all knew that. I also enjoy the xmas staycation. Stupid word but so useful.


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