Sunday, October 05, 2008

Shower paloza

At the beginning of September Miss Kara and Miss Shanon threw myself and Boo a shower. It was fantastic! Ate super yummy food at the Roadhouse, opened gifts, came home and slept.. We were on the patio and with such nice cool weather it was great. I had felt like i was in vermont that morning as I sat outside drinking coffee and reading.

Shower Goodie Bags

We got such cool stuff. Some stuff wasn't from the list but so perfect and so us. Shannon of knitting got us envirosacks which are for grocerys (and let me tell you, they are perfect!!!!) and then this product called "I am not a paper cup" Its a porcelain coffee cup with a silicone lid that looks just like a starbucks cup. Its micro and dishwasher safe. Anyway she got us two so that was pretty cool. Boo and I can pretend to be fancy starbucks folks but instead use our keurig.
This past weekend I was in PA and had a family shower. My mom and hebrew school friend Nina threw it for me. I was stressed about it of course but it really was nice. We had Afghan food and had converse cookies in shoe boxes as treats. I got to see alot of folks I hadn't seen in a long time... home.

Mini boxed wine that came with some wine glasses.


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