Friday, May 04, 2007

String and Music

So this week's friday shuffle is being preceded by my yarn i've been dying...

The below sock I dyed from my coworker and she is knitting up into a jaywalker.

Then my Pulp Fiction Piggy as I call it that I'm just tickled pink with...

If I can figure out space issues better I'd dye with my knit group who'd like to try it but my house/kitchen are teeny tiny... two in the kitchen is tight and 3 is just pushing it.
Not much else toreport so onto the Truffle Shuffle.

1. Beer – Asylum Street Spankers
2. F**ck the pain away – Peaches
3. Zealots – Fugees
4. Anything you can do – annie get your gun – Ethel Merman
5. I am Changing – Dreamgirls – Jennifer Hudson
6. King without a Crown – Matisyahu
7. Party Girl - Ween
8. Small Town - John Mellencamp
9. Equinox – Liquid Soul
10. Dashboard – modest mouse


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