Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Remember High school

when you didn't think you were good enough...I don't know enough for what...where we worried about what others thought and we thought we sucked... how did we grow out of it... I know someone going through it and is a late bloomer... here I am more confident than ever and they are going through feeling like they are 15. At a certain point you realise everyone is the same, even the ones you think couldn't possibly have doubts of their worth.
When you are a teen one day you want to do one thing next day something else. One day an artist, the next a farmer, dr, candle stick maker..but they aren't 15. 15 year olds can change careers daily. 20 somethings can't. Or I think they can't... because to switch careers daily would mean you don't get through the work for the final goal for any of the desires.
Right now this friend wants to visit family that does change careers alot but they see things through and work hard. I know they will tell him to go where his desire moves him not thinking that in 6 months to a year he'll be right back where he started cause thats his attention span. I think his family is his happy place but after a few days its not but from where he is standing he can't see that.
sigh... life is challenging right now...knitting though is rocking, does that count?


Blogger Ann said...

Knitting ALWAYS counts and has gotten me through lots of real life drama. Hang in there!

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Brown said...

20-somethings can't change careers DAILY, but if they're going to change careers, now is the time, before kids come into the equation.

12:43 PM  

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