Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Aw Mel Gibson visited me yesterday

Okay maybe not Mel "I'm a little f-ed up but hey you've all forgiven me" Gibson but his cronies did. Ah a flyer about how the Holocaust didn't happen. That shit just brightened up my pre coffee morning. I'd like to wax and wane about my thoughts on this shit but its not worth my time. I'm pretty sure the supporters of this idea aren't quite follow my little jew girl blog...
So it Wednesday and I've got plans for Knitorious this evening where I will finish up my rock sock...I'm so excited with it I'm a bit cocky... sorry..just smack me once or twice...
Other than that not much to say.. the veggie garden is officially planted..I decided to plant my squash in my garden versus buckets because i have a lot more room now that i'm not planting a grove of food for the iguanas :(
I do think i will use the pots to grow lettuce maybe some additional squash just cause i love how it looks... it kinda would be cool to grow it in my front pot of my house but i should, emphasis on should, be removing it and finish peeling and painting my stairs and porch... its not going well...I think i may need to realize i just need to fleck off the loose paint and just paint over it... so many painting jobs, so little underpaid workers to help me.


Anonymous Brown said...

Wait, does Mel Gibson actually have an organization with fliers with propaganda about Holocaust Denial? Or are you just using Mel Gibson as an example of an antisemite?

8:39 AM  
Blogger Shoes said...

no, he doesn't as far as I know. Just using him as an example of someone who doesn't believe the holocaust happened.

8:55 AM  

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