Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pall Malls, a painful way to smoke

My lawn is officially mowed, or is it mown, well all I know is its done and I avoided the annoying neighbor and his pall malls. i bought the damn mower from him and he hasn't let me alone with it yet, sure you could call it good business ethic, i call it annoying. I avoid my yardwork because I am avoiding him. Its very heathy.
I think i'll cook up some edamame and read today. I need to go to the asian market, the stinky seafood one at that, and get more veggie dumplings and edamame, i've never done it sans asian boyfriend. Although, he is home on the 23rd and may need a restock of food himself. No point in getting stuff before passover anyway. Besides my freezer is full of lunchicles. Lunchicles good, ice cream, better....


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