Thursday, April 06, 2006

oh yeah its thursday

I just worked another insane day complete with me sleeping in, wearing underwear insideout and crying.
On the early drive home i remember today i was suposed to take coconut to the dr for a recheck. Then I remembered oh yeah, I killed her...remember, she took in too much water cause you didn't watch her....
i just took my meds like a good girl... I've not been very good....i'm pmsing...i need an ugly cry... why can't i remember that i tubbed her cause she looked like she was having renal failure or cause the dr told me to. Or they fact the dr saw a mass on her so that could have taken her shortly too as well as she may never have recovered from her respiratory infection which i take blame for but she was the one jumping off the shelf from the heat to the cold.
I think its time for a nap and hugging a dog. I just started sleeping two days ago...the lack could make me extra bonkers. I know it did back when I was a youngster in college.


Blogger kara said...

i just sent an email to your work addy then realized you probably weren't still at work. :p

anyway, take care of yo'self. the pet thing is hard, i know. i keep thinking i could have saved louis the fancy cat if i'd taken him to the vet earlier. but i also think that it was probably his (and coconut's) time to go and nothing either of us could have done would have saved our beloved pets.

anyway, hug them dogs. until the storms hit, then you'll have to muzzle riley.

5:32 PM  

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