Saturday, April 01, 2006

Kill, kill, kill the annoy boy...

Vent time... Vente Mocha... damn ex coffee server turned professional. So professional he isn't at all. So smart and has such foresight for 23. So glad we have him now otherwise we'd still be wander around in the dark with our fingers up our nose. Thank you wise one, we shall knock down the coliseum so that we can make new modern architecture history. You shall always have the last word and something to say to everyone's conversation even if it doesn't involve you. Sure I do it, we all do it but when I was new my balls were still little ovaries waiting to bloom.
Please, someone of some power shut him up, tell me I'm right, that he's a pompous ass. Tell me that something we spent $300,000 to save and keep a beautiful sight/site isn't going to become some hidden Cinderella to some modern monstrosity that is only en vogue with this falls fashion and then ugly and dated next fall.
Arg, shut the fuck up you flipping idiot, you need to be beaten into submission and when you call me a loser for telling you not to do something/everything professionally inappropriate don't whisper it on the way out, say it to my face so that I am sure that although you are enthusiastic with your infinite wisdom you are indeed a mistake invited into our lives and someone will right the wrong, or at least admit to me that they dropped the ball with an experiment... I'm learning some self control and shutting my own mouth with you but I want/need someone else to open their mouths before I explode and run over you with my car or knee you in the balls...


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