Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fuck me with a ladle

I just went in to check on coconut... yeah... she's not there and she's still the same. I'm doing better by having a picture of her on my computer. I still have guinea pig issues cause I never did that. I still miss daisy and its been almost 3 years I think... oh yeah... she died the same time as grandma, i miss her more...even if she does pee on me. Don't even get me into the food associations with both species.. My pets didn't have that prepackaged diet and we ate similair foods, it was agreat recycling I have issues starting the system, let alone tossing the "non edible" parts.
Riley is growling at the thunder and he's been working my last pmsing nerve. Gonna be a long night. Dr is telling me to pick up his water if he drinks too much...which he always does, i'm suposed to cut him off when he drinks too long at a time and later put it back down..thus far i haven't ass doesn't want to move from the couch...
I told limewire to stop running in the background, its not listening and my connection has been hella slow alot.
Trader Giato's red sauce, so not so exciting... i still have leftovers to eat and much debt to deal with so suck it up and eat.
Car is making a little funny sound at lights.. oh yeah a week and a half.
Got my plates taken care of for the car. Lets take bets for stolen time... the screws in the back won't even tighten, threads are gone.
That is all. Hey world are you there, its me judy blume...


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