Monday, July 05, 2010

She's a killer queen

Yay, my cat kills bugs, in fact I've found some dead spiders and didn't think twice about why. She did not however kill the spider that took roost in my pj pants lying on my bathroom floor yesterday. Its dead know courtesy of orange left flip flop. I'm thinking sticky mouse trap or the likes in some of our vents to try to catch of of this charlottes because they, like wilbur do not belong in my house :P Speaking of death, goodbye apricot tree.. Not sure if i over watered it or it was too hot.. Apricot trees are known for drowning so who knows... The peach tree is still looking dandy and it was the tree I wanted, i just threw in a friend for good measure.
My garden is looking great but I've only harvested 3 lbs of food thus far. I'm keeping track of their weights. Its all a handful of this and that. My greenbean plants are about to kick it but I"ll put in another batch for the year. In fact I'm looking for where else on the property I can put an assload of them. I love my beans. That and I want to make dilly beans this year. Maybe I'll start to grow some dill at the same time ... would be smart..I'm going to be coming into a lot of tomatos soon but we just aren't there yet. Not a zuc in sight but my neighbor has some. She planted two weeks before me so maybe soon... fingers crossed.


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