Saturday, July 17, 2010

6 lbs and counting

I've harvested 6 lbs of food for people and iguana ingestion so far this year. I have and earthbox ready to be filled with green beans and a crop i'm trying to save from spider mites which i didn't figure til half was dead.
On the vines, bushes etc I currently have ghost eggplants which i need to figure how big they are supposed to be when picked, regular eggplant, blackberries, greenbeans, a watermelon, lots of decorative squash, pumpkins, roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, funky looking tomatos, a few sad looking cucs... major fail on their part this year, tons of male zuc flowers but i need some bitches to get my fruit.
I"ve come to the conclusion that one of 3 raspberry twigs is making it... and thats no for sure, the apricot tree kicked it. Zuchs need to not be planted in raised boxes as they take over. Also i need a better garden. not for lack of trying too much stuff is on a slope and the top stuff is losing water and nutrients. I'd love to build a multi level stone stepped garden on the side of the house but thats something to hire out and something Boo would want to talk about. I bet with some better planning and some extra patience i can also make other items thrive better in the spots around the house but alas, i must give myself some slack. I've only been living here since April 23rd.


Blogger Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

I totally need to take a gardening/growing lesson from you. I want to learn to grow some food!
Thus far I've invested in a composte pile, which is one of the coolest things ever! (okay, seeing fruit/veggie waste turn into dirt, might not be the coolest thing, but I LOVE it!)

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