Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Killer in the house

Not only is the cat killing things I've been killing bugs like a mother f-er. I hooked up the bug zapper... I had no idea there was that much to kill. After one night there was a few solid areas of dead bugs caught in the screen. Fascinating and gross at the same time. Sorta how I roll. Ew spider, then proceed to check spiders out before killing them.
Speaking of grossed out, lets talk foodies. I've run into quite a few foodies in my time...I'm now even more fascinated and grossed out all in one. A few local folks are getting all into pig and using way more parts than this kosher girl can handle. I"m totally grossed out but can't stop checking out all their newest projects. I'm very intrigued by the make it yourself world as you have seen from my crafts and gardening but a lot of what they do is beyond my comprehension but then again I've not eaten from others what they are creating themselves. I've suggested that Boo check their stuff out but he says it just makes him sad with our lack of pork in the house. I think many of their creations would remind him of time in Europe and Asia. I've nibbled the chicken heart in Bejing years ago but he down right devoured them along with deep fried sparrows which I passed on. Lots of the food we had in France last year grossed my shit out...sorta wish these gals could have swapped with me for the day, they truely would have appreciated all that I did not, quail with head attached stuffed with foigras and a side of artichoke stuffed with morels, mussel smoothies, and more and more foigras. I'm so done with all things liver. Jewish style, french, chinese... I think i've tried it enough to call it quits.


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