Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big Plans, Little Accomplishments

Boo is off to Tuscany for 9 days... What the F you ask? Its all good, family trips hiking their flab off.. Oh wait, he's the only one with any junk in his trunk and thus is crabby all week cause his folks will critique his weight (which is not heavy at all)
I have big plans people, big plans.. they won't happen at all but I'll lay them out here anyway. I'd like to do some organizing stuff but then I realize the furniture is at the old house so I need to just make do.

  • Organize craft room. I've been bringing lots of stuff over and it is a shithole.
  • Work at old house and finish it up, that includes patching and painting, cleaning and weeding, oh my.
  • Garden...which is mainly adding more dirt to some pots, pulling collards, planting more beans (Garden side note, bought a six pack of cherry tomatoes at local store, COS, only two ended up being cherries...and half of the pack came to work meaning I have one sad cherry plant....big sigh, :P, Two ended up being romas and regular toms and two ended up being some weird ass breed that is prone to butt rot :P )
  • Read
  • Drink smoothies for dinner if I so choose
  • Hook up the white trash bug zapper full time.
  • Buy skirt hangers and organizing my pile of skirts
  • Organize cedar chest
  • Clean out living room
  • Read
  • Knit
  • Watch horror movies
  • Sleep diagonal in my bed


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