Friday, April 25, 2008

Knitting and Jewishness

We've been talking Judaism at knitting alot recently as well as just general life. Its passover time, Judaism stands out the most to the non jews around now. I was going through my Jewish literacy book by rabbi Joseph Telushkin. I was looking up angels because they are mentioned in prayers but not what the belief is in them. I didn't find anything on angels but proceeded to read up on kippahs because there had also been talks about why we wear them and why some girls and some don't.
Although i didn't come to any conclusions i really appreciated the part on knitted kippahs and the below quote. Which by the way, they are more often crocheted, not knitted.

"The more orthodox groups have long opposed the knitted kippah phenomenon, because the kippot are often knitted by girls for boyfriends and the most orthodox are presumably fearful where this premarital yarmulka knitting might lead."

Hmmm I just crocheted a kippah for Boo after 9 years together. I figure I get a ring, he gets a kippah and what it leads to I'll leave up to you to imagine.


Blogger nicole said...

Hahaha... you know how illicit knitting leads to all kinds of sin.

9:31 AM  

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