Monday, April 21, 2008

Dress update

So for those keeping track I saw a pic online of a dress I really liked. I went to the store and they sold it off the floor two days before. They said they could order one for me to try for $50.. i figured i really liked it so i'd go for it. They neglected to tell me it won't get in til June..then if i like it i'd still need to order one probably.. maybe a white one that would be dyed later..> i'm sorry but I can wait 3 months to "try" a dress and then if i like it, another 3 months plus dying time. I'd end up having my dress for xmas which would be two months late. I think i need to start checking other stores and go wit the dying idea so I get the color I like. No other dresses are calling to me which is definitely a bummer but seriously, june, even though they said at the latest i'm really not thrilled and they didn't tell me that originally.....what sane person would wait 3 months to just try on a dress....


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