Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Will trade crafts for dirt

So i just went to Lowes to get a lamp for my new lighting being installed on Thursday.. I found one i liked but they were out of shades so I'll buy those later when I have the funds and they have them in stock.
Its gardening time in Chez Crap and I need dirt. I hate buying it, its heavy, and its stupid, and its dirty, or peat mossy. I tried getting some peat moss down and got it all over me and said fuck it. Its heavy and messy and I'm crabby. I need to add some dirt/shtuff to my existing garden and I want to make some additional pots. I never buy enough dirt because I get tuckered out or can't stand spending the money or don't have the money. I already am planning to grow stuff in my normal flower garden area. Its got a part thats just "wild whatever grows" space and I thought my viney type of growth such as squash could go there.
But I've got some empty pavement/prime sunny real estate begging for a garden (it could actually house two of the right box) and I have the desire to plant sooooo much but so little space. I have the perfect space to build a garden box like my friend Brent did but again, funds and energy. I also got some pole beans and need to figure how what i'll have them climb. The shamelessly stolen picture does have a good idea though.
Kathy had the brilliant idea of cutting the top off of some large kitty litter containers that you can take the labels off of. I also want to make hanging planters for my peas (For which dogs and bunnies enjoy eatting) and spend no moolah. I suppose if i can get enough kitty litter containers i won't need hanging but its prime sun area and seems a waste.
Anywho, needed to rant about my love of gardening and lack of dirt and dough. Who wants to bring me dirt...i'll bring you veggies later..


Blogger Ink Stained Roni said...

I'd send Eric over with a load of dirt/manure but it'd be a hell of a drive - LOL!!

Gardening sounds wonderful but man is it ever cold here...definately not gardening weather yet.

9:28 PM  

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