Monday, April 21, 2008

A few things about the rest of my weekend…

I can’t figure it out….my brother took part in the second night of Passover. I want to say he was trying and I should be very happy that he took part. But this is after a long ass day and a half of him drawing attention to himself at every chance. I won’t even go into the mom birthday fiasco.
I’d like to be positive but its been sucked out of me and I hate to say it but I feel like he didn’t like that I was doing most of the reading as the only “child” there. My cousin who came the first night had a migraine and didn’t come, other cousin is in college and the other one, well, I guess didn’t want to come nor did my aunt. I suck at reading Hebrew but I try. (For Friends fans Passover is like Monica learning tap, she sucks, but at least she’s there and she’s trying) He started correcting me while I was reading my parts. I had my cheat sheet of vowels but I need a second if I need to reference it, otherwise I don’t learn and improve. He didn’t like the attention I got for helping make Passover and doing most of the help that day. Nothing my mom asked, just picking up where she was forgetting or overwhelmed. Setting table, setting up seder stuff etc. I’m not looking for a cookie, just a fact. He and mom fought most of the night before about how to make the next night’s dinner. He ended up doing it his way and frankly, it was too salty. Note to the world, Kosher meat doesn’t need salt. Although I think they forgot the garlic. So dinner last night wasn’t so exciting. Boo added salt to the soup at mom’s request but added too much. So it was a salt fest pretty much.

Fun exciting snipes Bro expressed, “dark chocolate is a lesser chocolate” You talk about anything and if he thought it dumb his response was “oh I’m sorry” Like, previously mentioned blog opinion. He also can’t touch anything that’s touched mushrooms. Which I find funny since he’s mr. gourmet, or thinks he is.
He also doesn’t understand why anyone likes Lost as well as a bunch of other shows…. My response was I didn’t understand how anyone likes star wars (he’s a sw fiend) Stopped him flat.
During the service he was asking why we ask for all this stuff from G-d if g-d helps those who help themselves…which is funny from him…I feel we ask for the strength to do for ourselves and he doesn’t do for himself anyway.
He also expressed he’d like to die rather than be in his pain. Where’s Dr. K when you need him? He made us late for everything but waiting til the last minute and saying he couldn’t do stuff cause of his pain yet he sat in my mom car and played with a mini rubix cube for an hour but couldn’t get out of the car cause of the pain. He also hovered in the kitchen making comments about our food or methods but couldn’t go shower. Bro has fibromyalgia as does mom, he is also narcoleptic and a few other things. He also needs to take drugs to stay awake if he has to deal with anything boring. Gosh, can we all do that? There are days at work that put me to sleep.
I’m sorry, I didn’t want to bitch my head off about him but I haven’t seen him in 3 years for a reason. Boo wanted to be mr. positive but he about had his head popped off.
So onto the better or funnier things. Boo made gravy for the turkey that was fantastic. He also made salad and dressed tres yummy. My iguana tried to mount me cause I looked like a sexy iguana beast… he forgets I’m still the dominant one I picked his horny self up and put him in his cage. I gave boo his kippah that I made and he liked it. Boo was super sexy when he took part in the service. He even read transliteration which sounded way more jewish than our reading.
I gave mom her b-day presents which were all a hit. I gave her a digital key chain and it was really nice to see her response. I preloaded pics on it so that she didn’t have to worry about that task.
Boo also gave me his camera which makes me super happy. I also used my mad skills to rewrite I wear my sunglasses at night to a more Passover getting ready song…. “I eat my corn syrup outside, be cause is pesach in the house” Cause before Passover starts there is a lot of time where we can’t eat in the house cause its all ready.
So its matzah world til Saturday. My family breaks Passover on the 8th day’s end, not the 8th night which comes before the day since we start our holidays at night…but this year I will break it early for a wedding so maybe I’ll be a little less corn syrup crazy since it will be a day early.
I may have fallen asleep on the train to the airport... good thing I had the last stop..I didn’t sleep very well on the air mattress. Usually I do. So I’m at the airport, will post this when I get home and I have a book calling my name. I couldn’t get comfortable most of the weekend to read so hopefully now I can cozy on up to an airport seat and read about Mort, the apprentice to Death….


Blogger nicole said...

Your bro sounds like a piece of work. Good luck with the rest of the week, and I'll see you on Saturday. Luckily, there will be corn syrup galore in that cake.

3:09 PM  
Blogger kim4life said...

SOrry your brother sounds like an a---. At least you don't have to be with 24/7 anymore. I think you might kill him.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

I love the stories about your brother... I think we all have someone like him in the family.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

The best part about this post is (not the focus of this blog):

My iguana tried to mount me.


I really wish I were drinking chocolate milk right now, so it'd shoot out of my nose while I'm laughing.

9:00 PM  

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