Friday, April 18, 2008

The wheels on the bus go round and round.

So i'm in good old pa, home of the Crazy Crap family.... I'd love to form paragraphs but i can't so here are some parts of my day.

MO had two earthquakes, I didn't feel either, Lunesta was the cause of one. The not feeling, not the earthquake.

I sat next to a lawyer in the plane who was all suited up but normally wears chucks. Chucks bring the love man.

The first thing my brother said was, "i hope i have enough drugs for this weekend, for some reason I've been having a panic attack for the last few minutes" my response was get away from the massively crowded part of the airport.. Personally it would give anyone a panic attack. We also had to wait in the car for 5 minutes while he laid down to releave the pain... meanwhile he was in our face talking for minutes before we left when he could have laid down but that wouldn't get him enough attention IMO. Plus the less I say, the more uncomfortable he gets, the more he talks, so ignoring him is totally backfiring on me.

Boo and I went for a walk... he went off about bro. I have been quiet except when Bro asked why roomie had a domain name and I said for her blog, and his response was "he was sorry" I said there is no reason to be sorry, whats wrong with a blog? He goes on about not judging but spouted it off left and right and as summed up from my walk, "he's an obnoxious, self centered person who craves attention at all costs and doesn't shut the fuck up" Boo says nothing negative about anyone.... i love it when he does.

I had a steak sandwich for dinner........not a cheese steak.

My filling hurts. Its from my previous dentist. Not the famous blog dentist of the stars. I think when i chew on it sometimes it hurts. I chewed gum to calm down. Currently boo is grinding his teeth too in his sleep... its annoying.

I drove home from the airport and didn't get lost.
Boo has worn a hole through his hannukah socks already.. apparently wears them a few days a week.

I can't sleep, coffee, travel, nap, heat and crummy air mattress are to blame. I want to read but couldn't get comfy enough. I'm reading Mort by Terry Pratchett....


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