Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just say no....

To bad hair or dresses.
We are in full swing of wedding shtick 2008... In my searches which have just broadened with the 2008 spring releases I found some real gems. Which I just typed Jem and changed it....maybe i am a rocker...
First off, let me say, Princess Ariel called. She wants her dress back. You may not have an oceantastic wedding.

Does my ass look big? Yes, then let me cover it with a huge bow, then you won't notice it.

While you may look and gasp at the horror that is orange, thats not a problem to me. There will however be no wedding party members wearing a bubble skirt. I will slice it open so it lays normal if i see one.

So remember that time you had a big bow on your shoulder that tickled your ear so you had to cock your head to the side.. yeah, that wasn't a good decision on clothing was it...

And last, while the dress isn't horrid, I'm not a big fan of the huge flower in the center, I wonder what is with this hair. The doorway behind it makes it look like she has a "Something About Mary" sticking up hair problem, yeah, cause that is the only thing wrong with her hair.


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