Monday, September 17, 2007

I love it when a plan comes together

Last night we played McGyver meets the A Team...
Being Murdock I messed up and instead of cleverly solving the problem, I made it worse.
Kara dropped her mother's garnet ring in a vent on her floor. Instead of moving her desk she waited for me and my brilliance. Ha! I decided I could move the ring in the vent with my bbq skewer and have it fall out of the vent. I had two ways for it to go. The one I chose, yeah, it was wrong and it went into duct work.
So then we are trying to get into another duct which we discover someone had gone into before. Of course we couldn't maneuver removing the metal sheet completely so I'm there asking for tools while trying to jerry rig something up. Luckily I had just bought goggles so I protected my face from being sliced on metal. So I have this flimsy but still strong enough slot that i force my flash light in, finally see the ring with is of course at a 80 degree angle from where my hole was so it was hard to see.

We try a ruler. Too short. We try long tweezers, nope. I ask for chewing gum, a paper clip and a 1946 bottle of wine... okay well none of that was helpful but I still felt like MacGyver. Instead I ask for a measure tape. I figure cause I could extend it and fish it out... Kara offers me a sewing measuring tape. I love her to death but... yeah, my lasso skills aren't that hot, especially with a slot that is maybe a half inch high and a few inches long....So she gets me the construction measuring tape and I hook me a ring...Now we just need Papa Kara to fix our duct and we'll be back in business...
I love it when I plan comes together... What a way to remember her mom on her anniversary date... fish out rings from duct work....oh and eating pancakes...


Anonymous Jenn said...

Better the vent than the toilet. Just sayin'.

9:12 PM  

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