Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back in USSR

You don’t know how lucky you are…
I’m back in PA for a Jewish stint. Now I know I don’t shut up but please, make my mom stop. Its all that mushy crap (oh you’re so my kid) or health crap. Because what kids wants to hear they are just like their 53 but acts 93 year old mother. Okay maybe like 2 of your out there but the rest want to quickly get away from the crazy people who call themselves your parents. Plus all this talking time I’m sitting in car trying to a) not be hit by other cars as she weaves in and out of lanes at 2 miles an hour and b) not vomit. I don’t have much to say and she always wants to hear drama which I mainly share with the wife about boys and work. Sitting in the bed it looks like Sashimi the Beta has passed on. Out of all the crap she tells me I’d probably care more about a dead beta. Lights out for mindy. I’ve to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to pick up Buby which is a whole other road straight to hell post that I won’t go into.
Perks of this trip:
They finally have wireless, I just have to get the password
Friday afternoon free cause they are buying a car but I may have to watch buby which isn’t good
Saturday we have to pick up my dad’s Philadelphia distance run number which means driving into philly. Both my parents are shitty drivers that make me want to puke but it will be something different to do. Trips home are filled with praying for my life in the car and hoping not to get ill. No, they won't let me drive. My dad refuses.... its a stupid man power thing.. pure crap IMO.
New Tallis. I made it cause I'm a crafty Jew, I may tie it again but its cool. I have no pics of anything crafty and yet so much to share..


Blogger kathy said...

I feel your pain. Sometimes I think I should move far away from my parents, but then that would constitute longer visits, such as yours this week. I can only take Jack & Sue in small increments.

1:55 PM  

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