Friday, September 14, 2007

oh lord won't you buy me a mercedes benz

family bonding....
my brother is trying to bond about how to get dad to a dr and what will we do with our aging parents.. Unless you beat my dad he won't go to a dr. Plain and simple. Seriously, he could have a heart attack and he will say its not so bad.... and as far as aging parents go... can't do much while we have grandparents that are being taken care of by our parents.
The parents don't think as quickly as us 20 something year olds which causes scary driving, getting lost and just general not getting "it". I wonder if i had a baby or two and had to deal with all that if i'd be a little more ditzy and such like the folks. I know the few folks I've known to have gone to grad school have lost a few common sense brain cells as well as some memory.... maybe its like that... We can only retain so many thoughts, kids, school, solving world hunger, it makes you forget other info and my mom at least, gets distracted by shiny objects and colors...


Blogger daiva e said...

I think that the more things you try to juggle, the more you tend to forget. I've seen it happen to parents, professionals, regular people who have had big, sudden changes in their lives (not necessarily bad changes). There's only so much you can handle at once and then your brain gets full. :-)

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