Friday, May 11, 2007

Spending Time with my Knomies...or Knit Homies

So this week I knit with the likes of Sassy Krafty, the Spinster , and a handful of other STL knitters, a large hand complete with a few extra fingers. It was a super fun time. Perhaps I should have an exclamation point or something to show how much fun i really did have. While there I finished my super cool sock... I should have gone half a pattern more before i started my toe so its not perfect and has a few extra rows at the end of the toe decrease. I'm super happy with it none the less.. I even have my next cuff done.. I'm catching up with Grey's anatomy and knitting while i watch.
I love the color. In person its a bit darker, more intense. So much that I dyed another skein of it for no good reason last night. I also dyed some skeins of kona yarn and it freaking rocks... I did striped patterns and with all this heat i can probably wind them up tonight cause stuff is drying up fast. I have 4 480 inch round skeins to turn to pretty tiny skeins... anyone wanna do laps.. no? I didn't think so...My dogs are smart...can't I train them to do that...I want to do get a few more skeins ready but they may require a bit more math so I'll actually need to do some prep... Animal and Sgt Floyd Pepper colors... I want to do them at the same time since they both have some of the same colors in them, thus saving time and energy.
Well its friday so you know what that means. The truffle shuffle.
1. Thank you for the music - Abba
2. Roller Coaster - Ohio Players
3. You can’t get a man with a gun – Annie Get your Gun - Ethel Merman
4. You’re the boss – bb king and ruth brown
5. Ex-Girlfriend – No Doubt
6. If you only knew – Jurassic 5
7. Members Only – Sheryl Crow
8. Snoopy vs the Red Baron - Royal Guardsmen
9. Rock and Roll Stew - Traffic
10. I can see clearly now - Johnny Nash
Peace and Knittiness foreva!


Anonymous Jenn said...

Yep, it's much brighter in person. So pretty! I covet that yarn. Truly.

3:37 PM  
Blogger kathy said...

It was so great meeting you the other night! What a great group; I definitely want to knit with ya'll again. Your sock looks fantastic, especially in your custom-dyed yarn. Gorgeous colorway you created!

6:44 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

Wonderful socks, you should be very proud of them!

10:15 PM  
Blogger nicole said...

Woo! I'll give you the necessary exclamation points to express your excitement! Yay!

10:10 AM  

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