Friday, April 14, 2006

My life, a tv movie...

So do you remember made for tv movies? The ones where Treat Williams plays a mentally handicapped man and Merdith Baxter is the mentally handicapped woman. They get married and have a kid who is normal. Yeah, thats what my life seems like. Besides all the insanity of older adult care and such we decided to go watch Ice Age 2. All the little kids talk to the screens and such... so does my mom.
I fear becoming my parents so badly it hurts. I think I used to not want kids cause then i couldn't turn into the incompetant adults whose adult children can't stand them. I spent 10 minutes explaining to mom that ray romano is the voice of the mammoth and although she doesn't watch everyone loves raymond she'd recognize his voice from the massive amounts of commericals. We tried to watch a taped episode of CSI last night. Like everything else we watch I spent most of the time saying, wake up mom, wake up.
I feel like singing about this not being my beautiful wife (husband), kids or house....


Blogger Meghan said...

I think in this movie we find out that we're really switched at birth, but our parents are exactly the same ammount of boring and insane, so we decide to stay with the non-blood relatives because really, who wants to have to re-learn all of the idiosyncricies of crazy families?

Happy Passover, we're about to set out for our weekend of making the rounds to various grandparents and extended relatives. Enjoy!

11:28 AM  

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