Thursday, April 13, 2006

Damn you

Damn you Discovery Health, I can't turn you off. I wish you were a little less whorish in the ABC Ty manner but there is some interesting information to be learned. I think a little less intensity emphasis on multiple people and repeating their stories could go to just more intense information about the surgeries.
My coworker is getting a Bernese Mountain dog. Eric and I love them. Someday we'd like one. My coworker called to let me know they have another dog that their "breeder' that they want to give away or something because they don't have papers because a young bernese mated with the in heat girl. Anyway, I am a responsible gal and said no, my home is too small and I don't want the responsibility. That and Eric and I want that type of dog when we have acreage etc.
I love me some aminals. I love pet sitting. Its amazing since I never was raised with animals.
On a boring side note, there is something in the throat, i can feel it, but i can't get rid of it... Stupid piece of matzah or the likes.
Buby is off the wall this visit. Its not pleasant at all. Mom is her own pile of lack of coordination and memory. She says its cause of the fibromyalgia. Its hard to see everyone I'm related to lacking mental skills and having so many medical issues.
I miss my dogs, I need furry aminals to love here. I did face the iguanas here and fed them. Seeing them eager for food and such meant alot...coconut hasn't i mean hadn't eatten like that for a long time. Pickles is looking fabulous. He shows zero age at all. He's 10 and I think he will make at least 15 without a problem. His cage he has now is downright a work of art. Mom says he's bit her a few times, or tried. He never did that with me. I took him out and had no problems either. Who knows, she's slow and not aware of a lot so who knows. Plus I had him next to marin who he wasn't attracted to at all, here he is in love with the two females. He had loved Coconut but she got so darn annoyed with him that i had t seperated them from seeing each other. She just wanted to cuddle with him while he wanted to get his freak on. So much like many human's lives....


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