Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Got any wheels..

Mother Crap: Please see if you can borrow a wheelchair from someone for 2 days or find out where I can rent one easily and cheaply. I suspect Bub will refuse to use it.

Miss Crap: righhhhttt... kara can I borrow your wheelchair? thanks.. that would be great.. :P

Kara:Darn, I just sold mine in the yard sale. :P

Miss Crap then explores the internet and learns chairs can be rented through an Avis group. It would be 110 plus taxes… Which then warrants another email from Mother Crap asking to borrow… anyone, anyone, can I borrow your chair??? I screened my call from her... its just uneccssary... i know she wanted to complain about my drug addict godson getting scholarships to collage and her kids got none.. hey, drug addict godson finished school and is going to college... thank goodness…back to the wheels.....Why doesn’t Mother Crap call the damn hotel that she has issues and questions about and see if they have one.

Boo has the best response, my den chair has wheels.. that is what I have to lend.


Anonymous kim said...

I swear Walgreen's used to rent them, fairly cheaply.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Brown said...

Check craigslist. Throw an ad up, you never know.

8:13 AM  

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