Tuesday, July 08, 2008

mucinex, where are you?

I swear I bought some last migraine round... well, its no where to be seen and I have to say, nature can kiss my butt. I've had little breathing skills the last few days, today its migraine level. I came home from work, cursed bunnies for nipping off the bottom half of my beans and cleaned up a decapitated baby bird...
Plus side, my garden still is spiff...pics to follow, with an excedrin sinus migraine chaser.


Blogger Annie said...

Wow, what a garden! It's gorgeous and you have corn! At least you have something to show for your suffering... I'm totally flowerless and veggieless but up half the night due to all the caffeine in those dang migraine pills! At least I'm having fun poking the crazy on Rav...

7:40 AM  

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