Monday, July 07, 2008

Mother's Wisdom

Actions speak louder than words. These days I see a lot of actions that don't reflect what people say... in work, outside of work, even on the internet. Honesty, even shitty, makes me feel lousy honesty is more important to me than faking the bacon as I like to call it. Besides, that honesty, while stings like a mother fucker, is swift and immediate not a long lasting aching pain.
Back to actions part of the place I've loved seeing good actions is at my Wednesday knitting group. The actions are very caring and gives me a great sense of warmth. While I'm feeling a lot of cold actions these days I'm going to go visit some of Wednesday folks on a Monday. They're fun, nice and usually pretty damn honest...oh and they've got a great side of sarcasm... which in case you didn't know... i enjoy.


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