Friday, February 22, 2008

So rude....of me

I get all these congrats on the impending doom.. i mean engagement (Really I'm excited just Boo has gone and pulled a disappearing act and so I can't tell him my fabulous ideas) and i don't even say thanks to everyone individually. Why? You may ask? Well because you miss one day of work and you spend weeks trying to keep up...Amazingly this also happens when we get a legal holiday off too... So sorry guys, but thanks...
I've also get myself busy with projects with due dates..
For V-day i wanted to give my dad his thumbless mits and coworker pat her fingerless gloves...
So here they are...(and Pat is wearing a necklace i made her for xmas so its a two for one deal)

And then of course I had to have a card to go with mom and dad's package full of candy and lactaid.

Then I felt the strong desire to gold plate some kidneys, write a limerick and send a card to Duane of the 2 for one cancer deal.

There once was a kidney that needed to vacate,

It was a cancer that the Preppydude didn’t appreciate,

So we’re sending it to hell,

And wishing Duane well,

From the Mindy and Kara conjugate.


Anonymous Ian said...

Yargh, Mindy. The Astronaut ice cream is overrated (I've had it). Sure, it's ice cream in space, but here on Earth it's a barely passable imitation (kind of like the worst non-fat ice creams).

And as for your impending doom, don't worry about it - it's either right or it's not. As with most things in life, it's best to get it over with (either way) earlier than later.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Courtney Watson said...

You crack me up, Ms. CraftyPants (:

11:24 PM  

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