Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Filthy and Gorgeus

I'm becoming my boyfriend... he focuses on one group and listens to them to death... Usually someone all Emo (although Teenagers is catchy) or British Misery folks. I didn't used to be this "focused" but I can't stop listening to Scissors Sisters... After Kathy admitted to listening to J Tim and not know who Outkast is I feel as if she might have a mix cd coming...She so coyly agreed with me that last nights train conductor sounded like Andre 3000 but alas...she doesn't know who he is... its okay, I don't know half the knitting stuff she and kara talk about...
I had a proud moment of understanding the Metrolink last night.. guess New York slightly rubbed off on me.. sure, there are only like two lines but hey, I could calmly explain the west bound trains last night and we got home safely...It was kinda cool riding the metro link, especially as a girl who hates public transportation... I know i shouldn't with me liking the environment and money saving but it takes so long and you have to carry all that you buy.. i like my trunk of car and the lack of stinky scary people in it.


Anonymous Brown said...

"i like my trunk of car and the lack of stinky scary people in it."

How does riding public transportation keep you from putting people in your trunk?

8:30 AM  

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