Friday, May 05, 2006

Everyone wants prosthetic forheads on their real heads

I may have to be put down..... apparently all the work i did on Monday has caught up and I'm sporting pulled rib muscles or bruising... whatever it is it has left me achy, breaky and whiney.

So I leave you with the Friday shuffle

  1. Voulez vous – Abba
  2. the old apartment – Barenaked ladies
  3. I love to boogie – T. Rex – billy elliot
  4. Whenever Wherever – Shakira
  5. Find our Way - Apples in Stereo
  6. Play that Funky Music White Boy
  7. Winning the War on Drugs – Asylum Street Spankers
  8. Opium Jacuzzi – Liquid Soul
  9. we want a rock – they might be giants
  10. Get it on – T-Rex


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