Friday, May 23, 2008

23 and 24

Can I tell you how worn out i am... somehow going north last weekend has made me a tired camper. I can't think of doing much this weekend but relaxing even though my favorite spanking band is in town.. but the idea of crowds and crap dissuades me from wanting to attend. Perhaps after a good nights sleep all will be different. I want to relax and yet, part of that is getting the house in order more.. Boo has been home and we've been moving, cleaning, fixing, organizing like mad but just aren't done..heck we haven't even started painting the living room. I am also craving some crafting without flowers time, some reading outside time while drinking my kick ass sangria.
Oh and we got a new couch from nicole today.... living room is coming together...especially after some ikea purchases.....

I am working on monday as I am taking off time later in the week and have plenty of work and need to not use vacation time. A day alone in the office seems like a wonderful idea full of productivity.

Anyway onto the flowers for today and tomorrow since we are close to tomorrow anyway.


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