Thursday, May 15, 2008


I've been dealing with a lot of selfish people lately and I wonder if they know they are. Even the dogs are working the selfishness and frankly, I'd like my side of the bed back. I always worry I'm being selfish, bringing the conversation back to my experience etc. I used to be selfish, i know it, I've reflected, repented, and reacted... I try to be better through acts and thoughts. Some say I've been quiet lately, maybe I'm just letting others do there thing...
At work we are redoing some of our standards and I keep getting people telling me what they want, what would be good for them. Its not about you, its about a standard created though lots of input and now is finite. The drama has been intense and its just annoying.
I also have been trying to tune my listening skills. Acts of giving and selflessness is not just material matters. Whomever is talking might not want my take, or my similar experience or want to hear about what happened to me. I think I've even used that on the blog more which is why the posts are down. Am i really that fantastic, no. Is my day that crappy, no and if it is, well its not the forces of evil trying to get me. Shit happens.
So I ask you, are you being selfish? We are important, but sometimes, we're not.


Blogger That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Selfish? You? I've been racked w/ guilt b/c you so sweetly offered me a necklace and I was too blood sugar deprived to even concentrate beyond noticing that the girl and doll was my favorite. I'm sorry!

Everyone, go look at Crafty & Crap's necklaces on her etsy shop! Now!

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