Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lunesta free for 3 days

And ya know what, i'm gonna need to rebudget so I can get my lunesta...because when you don't take it, you are up at 3 am thinking how you forgot skirt hangers at target today. I'm not just awake, i'm like, hey, i could clean my whole house awake. I took some valerium but i think its too old and not working... I was quite excited to have a partner in my expenses finally and maybe put some of my money to having some rockstar hair but apparently my extra money will be going to drugs. I still have some lunesta, i was trying to save it for work nights but there is the negative side that when you don't sleep, when you take the lunesta again and do sleep you are really tired and your body wants to catch up. Honestly, this shit is better when taken regularly and the FDA is a bunch of fucktards as well as my insurance.
Other than not sleeping, i'm a happy little camper. Boo is home and the time together has been awesome.
So now for the flower of the day for today and yesterday since its the freaking wizard of oz over here and the weather took away the internets earlier today.


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